Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks

Hobie MirageDrive Animation

The Hobie MirageDrive an incredibly robust, revolutionary propulsion pedal-driven system that moves the kayak forward just as if you were riding a bike!  The MirageDrive and the seat are adjustable to accommodates almost anyone!

Hours: 7 days a week 10-7 
Reservations Recommended 
Hobie Mirage Kayaks per hour plus tax: 
Hobie Mirage Outback (single) $34.95
Hobie Mirage Oasis (tandem) $49.95
Hobie Mirage Angler 14′ (single) $39.95
Hobie Mirage Adventure Island (single with sail) $89.95
Hobie Tandem Island (tandem with sail) $139.95

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